summer smile, winter eyes (summer_smile) wrote,
summer smile, winter eyes

I hate my roommate.

Seriously. He's drunk and he just brought a drunk date (who works for our company) home with him. And they sat down here and bitched about things and "why in the hell did you get picked to help out the DM?" and "so, what stores are sucking right now"... and neither of them would shut up.

I don't ask a lot. If he brings someone home, they're supposed to go up to his room, which is what he's renting from me. A room with kitchen privileges. Not down here hanging out and screaming and yammering and annoying the FUCK out of me.

I'm glad I don't own a gun. I wish I were joking about that sentiment, but at this moment in time, sadly, I am not.

I can't wait until next March and I can move the hell out of here. When I told him that was happening, he actually said to me, "so, we're looking for a new place?"

Sigh. I told him that I really just wanted a smaller place and to be by myself again, when really the only thing I was thinking was "I just want to be away from your non-stop talking, messy kitchen leaving, drunk ass self. FAR, FAR AWAY."

I hate him.

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